Elegant and functional. Maximal precision and extraordinary fit. That’s what we call the Intelligent shirt.

Traditional tailoring combined with advanced technology
The road to perfection is slow and lacks shortcuts. After decades of product development, we know that the key to excellence is to give maximum attention to every single cut, stitch and button placket. Our shirts are made up of exclusively fine fabrics of the highest quality. We combine traditional tailoring with world-leading CAD / CAM technology. It provides unprecedented opportunities to achieve precision.

Nothing left to chance
Each shirt is composed of average of 27 parts that are joined together in 65 different stages. Every step in the process is analysed by specialists. Ten checkpoints and a final inspection over 50 points, detects the slightest deviations. Nothing is left to chance. A shirt takes us 12-15 hours to produce. Compared to mass-produced shirts is an eternity.

GRANOFF Shirt production