It’s not just what we do, it’s what our passion and tradition is. It’s who we are – always devoted to excellence.

We leave a piece of ourselves in every product we make. It is one thing to make clothing, but entirely different to make an ultimate piece of clothing. We demand the finest fabric known. We have traveled the world to see them and feel them, trying and combining, comparing and excluding. Finally, we blend them with devotion, perseverance and commitment.

The determination to create astonishing products requires a continuous improvement. We scrutinize every step, from the control of the raw materials to the techniques of production, planning and maintenance. This is why our products never vary, not even by a millimeter, from its rigorous parameters of quality.

Think Green
Nature preservation is what we commit ourselves vigorously to. We respect absolutely the severest parameters of ecotoxicology to shield the environment and the people that will be wearing our clothes. Just about everything is carefully considered and planned to be remarkably power efficient and eco-friendly as much as possible.

Step forward
Granoff specializes in men’s fashion and has been manufacturing suits, shirts and ties. In order to make a step forward, adapt to the market and revive the collections which are intended for all ages, we launched a modern and sports elegant collection which are made from the finest quality of Italian fabrics. Granoff’s attention is devoted to every detail regarding the process of workmanship trousers, coats, jackets and blazers.